Neck Pain Q & A

Why Does Neck Pain Occur?

The neck is comprised of a series of nerves, joints, and muscles, and it provides the stability to support your head as well as strength, as an integral part of the spinal structure. Everything from bad posture to car accidents and even the way you sleep can cause neck pain. Anything that places stress on the spine and nervous system can magnify the pain you feel and worsen your symptoms.

Essentially, when your spine is misaligned, the nerves in the surrounding areas can become irritated. This can cause tension and pain. Dr. Clayman is able to offer various treatment options to address this occurrence and help relieve you of your neck pain.

How Serious is My Neck Pain?

When you’ve had neck pain for an extended period of time, it can be difficult to determine the severity of your injuries. Some days may be better than others, but no neck pain should be ignored. Neck pain can also be accompanied by radiating pain into other areas of your body, such as your shoulders, arms, and even hands. These radiating symptoms can also be a good indicator into the severity of your condition.

If you’ve suffered from an accident where your neck or spine was injured, or you have had chronic neck pain consistently, there is a great possibility that you could benefit from visiting Dr. Clayman.

Neck pain can be debilitating, and injuries can be permanent, but the aches can be calmed through proper pain management.

What Can Chiropractic Care Do For Me?

Since the root cause of neck pain is often a misalignment in the spine, the appropriate treatment should aim to correct this issue. Spinal alignment is essentially when your chiropractor, Dr.Clayman, applies pressure to the appropriate area of your spinal column, encouraging your joints to move back into their rightful place.

Onces your bones are realigned, the nerves in the surrounding area will no longer be under pressure, allowing your body to function and feel the way it was designed.

If you suffer from chronic or acute neck pain, contact Dr. Lawrence Clayman to discover how chiropractic care can help you.