What other doctors are saying about Dr. Lawrence Clayman!

“I’m a chiropractor as well and went to school with D.r Lawrence. I’ve always known him to be a good chiropractor. He’s adjusted me in the past and done a great job. He knows what he’s doing as a Chiropractor. I also value him as a friend. He’s got a strong personality. But, that happens to one of his most endearing qualities.”  – Dr. Dennis – http://www.gentlechiro.com/ 


Dr. Clayman is without a doubt the best chiropractor I have had the pleasure of being adjusted by. When I am in Seattle, I make a point of getting in a couple of visits while I am there. Truly a gifted doctor. –  Dr. David Warkentin 

I’ve known Dr. Clayman for over 25 years and he is a great chiropractor, and a caring, loving human being. If you need a chiropractor to call Dr Clayman today and rest assured you’ll be in good hands! –  Dr. Steve Silverston