Auto & Work Injuries Q & A

Whic Steps Should I Take After An Accident?

Immediately following an accident, have any and all injuries addressed by the appropriate medical professional as soon as possible. If your auto accident or workplace injury has long since taken place, and you are just now starting to suffer from pain, you could benefit from seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Clayman has the staff and tools to help ease the pain you may be experiencing due to an accident.

When Should I See A Chiropractor?

Contrary to popular belief, your chiropractor can address issues beyond back pain. If you have headaches, dizziness, stiffness, or trouble sleeping, all of these symptoms and more, can be evaluated by your doctor. Of course, pain in the back, neck, and shoulders can also be corrected. You should consider seeing Dr. Clayman as soon as possible, as these symptoms can manifest into chronic conditions further down the road if they are ignored now.

How Will Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Depending on your accident, joints and tissues can be damaged along the spine, which can often cause the majority of the pain you are feeling. When the spine misaligned, it can put pressure on surrounding nerves, ranging from mild aches to severe pain. With a comprehensive pain management treatment plan, Dr. Clayman and his team will work to realign your spine, remove irritation to the nerves, and also assist the surrounding soft tissues to heal following your injury.

Can I Avoid Further Injury In The Future?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and injury can be inevitable, no matter who you are or how healthy you may be. However, with proper treatment and care for your existing injuries, you can reduce your risk for worsened pain in the future. At Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic, correct spinal alignment can help the joints, tissues, and nerves heal and effectively reduce your pain levels and effectively limit the extent of your injuries.